Friday, 24 July 2015

Blogspot Beginnings

I just want to write something down. Mainly because a good once a month, I fly home with all the intentions of starting a fabulous new 'grown up'* blog and then accidentally click on my ever-open Devious Maids tab and the rest is history. So it may not be interesting, but I'm officially making a start.

* ie one that doesn't cause me to reach for the ice cream/vodka/duvet when I see graduate recruitment teams have been reading for weeks (this happened.)

So, things are now different for the following reasons:-

1. I have a job now. Ok, I always had a job. And ok, I could still lose it for horrific and irresponsible social media postings. But, let's face it, I'm pretty tame. I think we're good on that front.

2. My life will soon be actually worth writing about. I can now stop obsessively researching companies and LEAVE THE HOUSE. I know, right?

Also, when I say 'worth writing about' I mean less 'today I ate a KitKat, read The Economist and cried' and more actual accounts of interactions with real humans.

Tonight, as my cousin is getting married tomorrow and we have family already up in preparation, we're going out for a meal to celebrate my dad and step mum's 6th wedding anniversary. But I will be thoroughly stealing their thunder and drinking 10 bottles of wine paid for by anyone but myself. They've celebrated 5 already, they're milking it now. It's my turn.

Is it ok to order pizza when you've already had it twice this week?


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