Friday, 2 October 2015

End of the old, flat hunting, airbnbs and pizza making

The last few days have been a blur. I can't actually believe all that's happened in less than a week.
I finished work on Friday the 25th which was actually really nice - I got presents and everyone was genuinely lovely and it feels quite strange to think it's all still going on there without me. Thank god I no longer have access to my emails because I'm too much of a control freak to not read and reply to them in my free time when I'm not even being paid for it.

So after all the WOOO I'M FREE celebrations featuring prosecco, port, and Indian food, Monday came, and me and Sarah booked in a zillion house viewings and drove down to London. I say a zillion - it was 5. But that's a lot when you completely forget to assess how far apart they all are and have to squeeze it all into one day. We also managed to sing along to Lily Allen for a solid 3 hours and eat mac n cheese and jelly snakes on the way down. So as car journeys go, I've had worse.

I wish I could say flat hunting was a fun whirl of 'OOH i'll put the lamp here, and the budgie here' but it really fucking is not. We knew renting out a full 2 bed flat rather than a room wasn't going to be super easy (and sadly a lot more expensive) but it is quite difficult to find a flat within a reasonable price range where one room isn't palatial with an ensuite, and the other a box. That was an issue for several. That, and the locations. The commute wasn't a huge issue for me, but my housemate is a nurse who works 12 hour days, and stretching it out to 14 including travel would just be horrific. But yeh, it would seem cheap flats are usually in horrific locations. Not even far away; just grim af. By the 3rd viewing we were feeling pretty disheartened, but it turned out to be really nice. Sadly the woman was a little ott and we had to fill in 8 million forms with details of every single aspect of our lives (including how much we owe on credit cards.. I think i'd have failed us on that alone) so she could make a decision. So there wasn't really a guarantee that if we chose her, she'd choose us. But it was an option. Luckily number 4 was fab. It has a smallish living/kitchen area but huge bedrooms, we both have our own bathrooms, and the location is FAB. 2 mins from Canary walk, 2 mins from Stratford and Westfield, and 15-20 mins from both our works. PERF. And it's on. IT. IS. ON. After a stressful few days of us both manically securing references, begging our parents for loans and my frigging megabus breaking down while I was already hysterical turning my 4 hour journey into an 8 hour journey, we're all ready to move in on MONDAY. I'm staying at Sarah's sister's on Sunday night because she is a number 1 babe and leaving all my stuff there when I go to work, then going straight from training to PICK UP THE KEYS. I do have the additional stress of getting and transferring the money in time - i need a card reader ASAP - but.., should finally all be ok. PHEW.

On Wednesday my new work had arranged a 'pizza making' session and I didn't really know what to expect, but it was actually loads of fun. And I feel so much better about Monday now, knowing the people I'm due to start with are fun and normal. The pizza making was a competition where we split into teams and had to first create a traditional one and then, while that was cooking, a 'creative' one. We took a little chance wit creative - I attempted a red wine and summer fruit jus by mushing fruit into my wine for the base, before rolling it into a swiss roll shape - and it did not pay off. But we one traditional. Clearly because I come from a family of pizza making champs.
The cooked creative is really not worth seeing - it was a pile of raw goo. However I obviously still ate it. Then me and another guy mineswept the other tables. Pizza 4 lyf.

Also, our training is in Chicago in two weeks time, so we had the chance to discuss that, too. And it sounds like it's going to be incredible. Way too much free booze (essentially a test) and limos and trips to college homecoming games.

Anyway, now to nap away all worries of how I can carry a giant suitcase and a handbag on the tube on my own. Hopefully some nice stranger will help me. And it's physically impossible for them to run away with it because it weighs about the same as a grown man.


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