Thursday, 21 July 2016

In Which I Adapt to Living out of a Suitcase

OK, so it's been a long time since I last posted. And I couldn't even attempt to cover all that's happened since then, so I'll summarise.

In the industry I work, we're assigned to projects. If you're super lucky, they're in London and you actually get to live in the flat you pay extortionate rent for. Or maybe even abroad, in which case WOW - go you. But mainly, you're somewhere in the good ole UK. This isn't a shock; we know what we sign up for. The flexibility requirements were hammered in hard throughout the application process. But hey, it's fun. I have to wash my bedding far less often, which is a mega plus, straight up.

There are however, dilemmas. For example, when mirrors have lights directly above them (which is apparently the case in every hotel in existence), it's REALLY hard to do your eyebrows. The light exaggerates every little downy hair so it's impossible to tell where the edges are. Unfortunately I'm a terrible packer, but if I were a better person, I'd pack my own mirror instead of darting between the bathroom and bedroom whenever the lighting pisses me off. Why don't I just use that mirror, you ask? Because it's handier when you can spread things out across the sink like a useful like shelf. Shh.

Another issue that arose recently, is the moral conundrum of whether or not to tidy your room before you vacate. I mentioned casually over dinner once that I do this, and everyone else found it hilarious. But I would feel like the worst person ever if I left the ironing board out. But people DO THAT. and the IRON. If i've been applying makeup over the sink for a week, it'll be covered in little bits of powder, eyelashes, and bristles from makeup brushes it's too much effort to replace. Some people DON'T WIPE THAT AWAY. Am I abnormal..? Does anyone else do this..? The dinner in point was actually in the hotel restaurant, so my colleagues called over the waitress and asked her if it was necessary. She said not, and that each person gets 30 mins per room which sometimes over runs if one is particularly messy, so it's nice sometimes to have a quick one that makes up time. But, in general, it's not required. But I go to these hotels a lot. I'm scared of being judged. I'm not strong. I crave affirmation.

Anyway, I've been working from home this week and i'm off to France on Sunday, and I'm already missing the safety and solace of my own little self-contained living space. I have a flat, but I'm responsible for maintaining that.

Anyway again, this has been pointless. Love you.

ps. I didn't say I'm in Edinburgh. I'm in Edinburgh. It's beautiful and I love it.


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