Saturday, 10 September 2016

Day 4 - Thursday

I don’t have time to sit down for breakfast this morning. Thursday is going home day, so after a stupidly early spin class I just shower, fling my stuff into my suitcase and head out. This was far easier when I didn’t have 8:30am meetings every day and could get in for 9. But we’re really low on seats and desks atm so at least this means I get to claim one early. I’m passing Sainsburys anyway so I buy a yoghurt for £1.10. I nearly buy one for lunch too because I like these, then realise it isn’t going to fare particularly well out of the fridge all day and it really isn’t much of an inconvenience to just walk back here.
8:10 - I also buy a cheese scone because a) I want one and b) I’m in solid meetings til half 10 once I start. The office’s canteen does a disappointing cheese scone, but beggars can’t be choosers. He was 55p. The caffe Nero soya mocha that followed very soon afterwards was £2.55

13:00 - lunch was rainy. And I forgot money, so went and ordered my salad, realised I couldn’t pay for it, and had to run back to the office. I least got to pick up my umbrella, but it’s now completely fucked so it didn’t really help me. Got a Diet Coke too, so this was £6.60. I then hopped and skipped to Sainsburys (my feet are still wet) for my second yoghurt of the day, a roll-on deodorant because mine finished this morning and they’re handy for plane carry on luggage, and some tampons. This came to £3.30. My snacking was impressively low. I did pick at some of my colleague’s popcorn and a square of dark chocolate. But she obviously didn’t charge me. TO THE AIRPORT.

18pm - airport eating involves leisurely sipping green tea in the BA lounge as I wait to board my flight which for ONCE is actually not delayed. I also have some spiced root vegetable soup, a seeded bread roll, and a mini tuna sandwich. 

20:30 we’ve landed and i once again hop on the dlr home, spending £1.50. 

21:00 at home, I pick at some grapes and pistachios, then decide I want to go to tesco to buy some yoghurt to prepare breakfast for tomorrow. They don’t have any alpro which is what I’d set my heart on, so I settle with Greek style 0% fat. I then pick up a pack of quinoa and bulgar wheat on a whim. I think this was £3.23 although I can’t fully remember.

Thursday total = £18.83


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