Friday, 16 September 2016

Day 6 - Saturday

9:00am -
Get up early for a gym class desperate to be productive. Walk there and back, spending another £4.50 on this time, the superior smoothie. No regrets, even though I clearly spend an unacceptable amount of money on smoothies.
After zero sleep and another late night ahead, I have a quick nap and then a lunch of stuff I already have in the house from yesterday.

8:00pm - after a day of during very little, I head to a party at my friend’s new flat to celebrate him and his boyfriend’s birthdays. I pick up some wine en route for £9.50, and that was the most expensive wine in the whole of Sainsburys. Unfortunately it was still gross. We ate there on minions themed paper plates, using yellow plastic cutlery, and drinking from paper minions cups.
Then at about 1:30am headed to The Scotch of St James. It is super expensive, and I spent a depressing amount of money (£56) on not very much at all. I also got cash out for my friend who promised he’ll pay me back but I am not optimistic. I won’t count it and have a little faith. 

All the ubers I got everywhere, home was the main one, came to £34.37. Fucking surge charges. Thank the Lord I get my bonus soon. I need to stop spending like the rich person I certainly am not. This diary IS shaming me into changing my ways. So that’s one thing. I ended up going to bed at 7:30am so I need to sort my fucking life out.
Total: £105.87. Fuck my life.


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